Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monsters of Dub

As we continue to venture deeper into the depths of the endless black hole of dubstep, more and more bollocks are hopping on board. But a  group that hasn't received as much credit in the states is the electronic vision of Magnetic Man. The dubstep supergroup produced their self titled album just last year and has received nothing but praise , composed of legends Skream, Benga and Artwork they are pioneers of the era of dubstep and layed the foundation for many of the artist blowing up the brains of their listeners in America. The gang met in Croyton, England in the late 90's and began making music collectively in 2007 and were signed to Columbia records in 2010. They preform using 3 seperate Mac laptops. While Artwork controls the master computer, Skream and Benga use the other 2 laptops, each member contributing with synths, basslines and leads and samples. The group have their own unique style of wobbles and have an immense amount of energy. With huge hits across the pond such as, "I Need Air" featuring Angela Hunte and "Perfect Stranger" featuring Katy B. They also have hits with John Legend and other guest artists. Both Skream and Benga have had immense success with their solo careers, but when all 3 genius's get together, magic happens. Their live sets are indescribable and their energy is epic. If you love the womp womp, then Magentic Man is what you need and shame on you, if you disagree. 

Mad by Magnetic Man

I Need Air by Magnetic Man

Written by: Parks Vincent